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to that message. >> the justice department is suing the state of texas, for example, over its voter i.d. law. indications that the justice department may sue other states as well. why are you calling that a gamble this morning? >> the justice department is relying on a method of challenging the voter i.d. law that hasn't been tested that may be tough. the key is the signal that this administration is sending to the states. attorney general holder said when he announced this, that he didn't want it to be open season for states to try to change their voter law. so it looks like the justice department may also challenge north carolina which also enacted a voter i.d. law, that that state says is necessary to avoid fraud. but the justice department and opponents say clearly will make it harder for minorities to vote. >> okay. so mike allen, let me ask you this. i'm curious. because i keep reading these stories an i hear these fiery condemnations of these laws across the country. in north carolina, in texas, are they just asking people to have a picture i.d. ? or are they, what, doing like, like p
on in north carolina and texas, this anti-women's stuff and all this, that is not the way to advertise. this is a national story. the national races are going to get tainted by what's going on in texas and north carolina in terms of the anti-abortion, anti-union, anti-everything. i think the republicans have trouble. they really do. they don't -- the sort of the cooler heads don't seem to have the vision or the willingness to prevail, and if they don't prevail, i do not think nate silver is going to be right. nate silver is usually right, but i think it's going to be tough. >> well, and -- and nate silver is usually right. people in new york think as long as he's predicting democrats are going to win. >> all right. let me just say that gayle collins writes in "the new york times" politics of a screeching halt. she writes in part this, one of the least attractive legacies of barack obama will be the way he empowered freshman senators to believe they were only one or two good speeches away from the presidency. right now the show horses of the united states senate are rand paul of kentuck
foundation defund obama care event in texas, senator ted cruz tried to rally conservatives. >> what happens next is president obama and harry reid are going to scream and yell those mean, nasty republicans are threatening to shut down the federal government. what has to happen after that is we've got to do something that conservatives haven't done in a long time. we've got to stand up and win the argument. why is it that every reporter in the media and a significant percentage of republicans assume with an impasse that president obama will never, ever, ever give up his principals so republicans have to give up theirs. if you have an impasse, you want to know one side or the other has to blink. how do we win this fight? don't blink! >> by the way, cruz was heckled at that event by people saying they wanted health care as well, but there were more supporters, as he said, than there were hecklers. earlier, though, former u.s. senator jim demint and president of the heritage foundation said any congressional republicans who oppose their effort should be replaced. the debate over how to defeat t
. bush had spent 367 days at his ranch in texas or at his family's compound in kennebunkport, maine. that, of course, according to mark knoller who says also, that president obama, who doesn't own a vacation home or have a family compound, has only spent 92 days of his presidency on vacation and before he heads out of town he's going to make more news. the president will be holding a news conference at the white house at 3:00 p.m. and, you know, i just got to say, and i always go back, ed rendell, to a maureen dowd column talking about first ladies and who the great first ladies were and how pat nixon was great at making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that would relax richard nixon and as maureen said and she wasn't being sarcastic or snippy at all, if that put the president's head in a better place, to make decisions regarding china or the economy or -- then that's exactly what they needed. i've always felt this way -- >> joe, if you make a pbj with xanax -- >> yeah. >> that will -- >> that relaxes you too! >> and let me just say, i have tried that. >> bury it. >> that's called the b
through the mid-atlantic. the weekend weather looks hot in texas. still really cool in the great lakes. not a good weekend for any beach plans. look at dallas today, 104. as we go throughout your saturday and sunday, notice a few storms in the mid-atlantic through kansas city by saturday but should clear out for a nice end to the weekend. just the southeast a few storms. wash out your summer weekend plans. speaking of summer we're going to warm it up quickly over washington, d.c. should be 100 times better than yesterday. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. ♪ say you say me ♪ say it together distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart" to take skincare to the next level you're ready for roc® new roc® multi
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tests in houston, texas, after spells of disorientation and weakness. the attorney general of delaware has been the attorney general since 2006. beau had a mild stroke in 2010 and surgery to correct two brain aneurysms in 1988. the vice president is in texas with his son. >> send him the best. beau biden one of the nicest guys around. send him the very best. >> "new york post" city officials announcing the latest gun bust in new york history. police arrested 19 people and uncovered 254 firearms. the nypd operation tore apart two smuggling rings from south carolina. some of the weapons pulled in as much as $160,000. >> this was like one of the largest gun busts i think in new york history. >> and "the new york times" the federal reserve says some major banks are coming up short during stress testing. aimed at insuring whether they can weather another financial crisis. the report indicates some banks are making the same mistakes they made during the recent economic crisis. and jeffrey sachs, i have to call you in here, there is no way that if a couple of these banks hit rough times, the
we've had in a long time. we're 95 to 100 from minneapolis all the way down through south texas. we're leaving you with a shot of detroit. little lightning show heading your way and heavy rain in the next half hour to hour. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. nascar is ab.out excitement but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. i'to guard their manhood with trnew depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our m
city. in places like texas, colorado, north dakota and pennsylvania, pennsylvania is really benefitting from the oil and gas. north dakota is interesting too. now the number two oil and gas producer in the united states after texas. it's passed california and texas. president obama hasn't visited north dakota in his presidency but the people in north dakota don't seem to care so much. >> shale. >> shale is virtually everywhere except the southeast. >> explain shale for people who don't know. >> marcellus shale is a rock formation where it's very deep and we didn't have the technology to get the trapped natural gas out of it until recently. in my fifth year as governor there were only 70 shale permits for shale drilling authorized. in my last year as governor three years later 3300 and now over 5,000 shale wells and it's produce i producing jobs, income, helping pennsylvania manufacturing. the best booster of marcellus shale fracking is u.s. steele. >> it's controversial for a number reasons. people want to know if we can do it safely and number two, people are suggesting if we start tap
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for growth in washington will go in for him. they made a difference for ted cruz in texas. >> think about it here if you're mitch mcconnell, he's a pro he's a fighter, he's going to fight to the bitter end, but think about it, he's getting pulled to the right in a state where rand paul beat his candidate in 2010. he openly opposed rand paul and lost. and you've got the ppp polls out and some other polls out that show that general election a dead heat. mitch will have to go to the right. >> yep. >> does he have to go so far night i think he hired rand paul's campaign manager. >> he did. >> in the generale elections. >> lindsey graham, they have this, lamar alexander, mcconnell may have this. it's a big issue for the national republican party. >> yep. >> as they have purists which this happened to the democrats for 20 years and is now more -- happening more to the republicans at the moment. >> yeah. >> all right. now to "newsweek" which is getting a new owner again. it's still unclear -- >> a lot of publishing things going on. old media. >> i know. there's one hopeful story, we'll get to it
could see some minor airport delays and how about the heat in texas. 104 today. and look at dallas throughout the next week and through the weekend. we're going to continue what should be about a 10 to 12-day heat wave there in central texas. nice beautiful morning, reagan national airport. the humidity is up and will spark a few thunderstorms. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. hi, i'm karissa. hi, i'm sherri. and i'm going to show sherri how collecting box tops for education earns cash for our school by shopping at walmart. come on. sherri, look at all these products that you can buy for your family with box tops. and look, four box tops in one box. that's awesome! more cash for our school. only at walmart you get 4 box tops on over 100 items. karissa i got it and you only had to tell me four times. find 4 box tops on your family favorites like general mills cereals and nature valley granola bars backed by our low price guarantee. the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity. >>> 5 past the hour. ti
, idaho, texas. in california, the environmentalists, what route from l.a. to san francisco, what could it disrupt. i could see it tying that up for 50 years. >> here is what's so great. so great to have a guy like musk talking about big ideas, the kind of ideas a smart tenth-grader might have sketching in the back of his geometry book in the back of the classroom. here is a cool invention, why don't we try this. we need more people like that. >> he's a guy that can go to space. he can build a car better than any carmaker can for centuries. he truly is. he doesn't have a look like howard hughes. he's like that kind of character, anything he wants to do he could do. he's deciding on this one not to double down and do it. >> tesla, we look at wall street, which just is bowing down to him and his car right now. is it all that. >> it is. whether tesla will be a stand alone car company is a question. it may be a tech startup. >> what makes it a question? >> first of all, he's revolutionized the notion of electric cars by making them cool. electric cars are have been feasible forever. he's ma
mitzvah of all time. sam horowitz, age 13, dallas, texas. i want to dance and love and dance again ♪ ♪ i want to dance and love >> sam moves. sam can move. his parents obviously threw him a lavish bar mitzvah. >> yeah. >> that's a troupe of professional dancer performing a routine to a song he lives, choreographed, they blew it out for old sammy. >> they did. look at that. >> i love it. >> those gigantic lit up letters as you can see, spell out "sam." according to his mother he was inspired bay cheetah girls conce concert, i don't know what that means. that means something else in atlanta. >> right. >> where i used to live. there's a club down there. anyhow -- >> local knowledge. >> sam can really move. sam can move. here's another story, you may have heard about this, tlc special, i'm just going to lead the title as it stands, it's tlc brought it to us "the man with the 132 pound scrotum" this guy who had a terrible disorder. >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> it was killing him. >> look at that. it just came out of nowhere. >> no way. >> just out of nowhere. got the problem fixed. >>
and state than libertarians tend to prefer. when ted cruz was a government lawyer in texas he defended having the ten commandments on the grounds of the texas state capitol. ted cruz is quite socially conservative. gay marriage, ted cruz is against that. libertarians believe the state shouldn't be involved in telling people who they can and can't marry. ted cruz's views on foreign intervention are a little bit more in line with the traditional republican line than libertarians would prefer. >> al hunt, bring you in here. it's fascinating what's happening within the republican party. and it seems to me that rand paul does have -- again, i'm a little biased here and i've said i voted for ron paul in 2012, but it does seem that rand paul does make a good point if you want to attract younger voters, certainly at least supporting an influx of this libertarian wing of the gop would be a good way to do that. what's your take? >> well, joe, i think you're right but also, it causes great dilemmas as i'm sure molly can attest, are you going to weed out the evangelical part of the party that beli
as the forecast goes today around the country, still very hot in areas of texas yesterday. it's changing a little bit. we had some thunderstorms cool you off in dallas and ft. worth. those are leaving. i think the airports will be okay. they're around dallas and ft. worth. it will warm up for a beautiful afternoon. kind of feeling like an early fall day out there. 73 in chicago. 76 in new york. 79 in washington, d.c. if we get more details in about that cargo plane crash, we'll give you those details throughout the rest of "morning joe" here on msnbc. live in washington, d.c., it's a beautiful summer day. enjoy it. if there's one truth in this life... you can't escape your demons. ♪ i thought i hung my tire chains up for good... but i can't shake this bad feeling... that i haven't seen the last of my old friend. ♪ quattrooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! ♪ [ heartbeat ] ♪ hi, hi, i'm sherri. and i'm going to show sherri how collecting box tops for education earns cash for our school by shopping at walmart. come on. sherri, look at all these products that you can buy for your family with box tops.
said out loud and publicly why shouldn't he get a little money? all the money texas a&m has made off this kid. >> we agree. change the rules before you break them. >> all right. here's the lady we're going to show you. >> flying in the air. >> women's moto cross, the x games, she thinks she's about to win the race. >> that's great. look at this. >> that's -- oh, no. pumps her fist. she thought she was going to win it, opened the door and went down. going to take gold in los angeles over rutledge. >> she had a great run -- >> there's the celebration. >> she thinks she won. it's all over. i won this thing. >> hate to see that. >> that might have been -- >> you love to see a chick on a motorcross. that's cool. >> oh, yeah. >> she's sad. >> the agony of defeat at the x games. >> up next. >> how many times did i spike the ball on the 5 yard line. >> okay. >> only to find out later. only to find out later. >> that gentleman you're looking at, military veteran, business owner -- >> own. >> legislature, republican mike hill joins our conversation. >> made history. made history. alert. the be
an obama impeoplement bill. then the congressman from texas saying he believes the congress has the votes to impeach. nicolle wallace said earlier in the week, there's nothing approaching anything impeachable the president is doing. nothing. >> what's fascinating about senator coburn, he's an intelligent man, a smart politician. one day he goes out and says, let's talk about shutting down the government and defunding obama care. crazy talk. goes to a town hall and he panneders like there is no tomorrow. that's what this is. he knows there is no grounds. maybe he feels insecure. maybe he wants to get out of town hall in one piece. but he knows, being medically trained, this is crazy. there is no basis to even use the word impeachment. why would he feel that vulnerable? what in his voting record, never mind what he says on tv, what in his voting record would make him vulnerable, answer nothing. >> there are legitimate criticisms that can be levied on obama, right? you can have legitimate concerns about the policies that he's enacting or not enacting but they go all the way out here and nega
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)